Mammography & Ultrasound Imaging Center Gainesville Florida


Early breast cancer detection is key to the overall success of breast cancer management, and Mammography remains the gold standard to achieve this.

MUSIC's GE SenoClaire 3D units were replaced with GE Senographe Pristina systems in 2018.  Pristina is GE's new 3D breast imaging system that improves the entire mammography experience.  From elegant lighting and gentle rounded shapes to a host of comfort-enhancing features, it is designed to ease anxiety and create a calm, relaxing environment that enables fast, effective and comfortable exams.  Highly experienced in compression techniques, MUSIC's staff strives to make patients comfortable during the exam.

Mammography & Ultrasound Imaging Center Gainesville Florida


By using sound waves instead of x-rays, ultrasound examinations provide images of internal organs and other structures such as blood vessels and cysts.  In addition to breast ultrasound, which can complement the images obtained using mammography, we also offer a wide range of general ultrasound imaging (such as thyroid, abdomen, kidneys, carotid arteries, aorta, testicular, pelvic, and venous).

In October 2015 MUSIC added a new Toshiba Xario 200 ultrasound system which combines advanced imaging technologies with excellent depth and detail.

Mammography & Ultrasound Imaging Center Gainesville Florida

Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Bone density measurements are used to screen patients for osteoporosis.

The BMD examination utilizes low dose x-rays to quantify the amount of calcium and other bone minerals in a defined area of bone. This study allows an estimation of the risk for future bone fractures and an assessment of the efficacy of medications used to treat osteopenia/osteoporosis.

MUSIC uses the Hologic Discovery DXA Bone Densitometry system.